Vice Deans

Vice Deans

Prof. Zeinab Ahmed Hussein

Current Position Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Faculty Room Number T301

A heartfelt welcome message goes to the students of Faculty of Physical Therapy altogether with their families. Horus university in general and the faculty of Physical Therapy in particular work on a parallel line to provide all necessary teaching strategies, activities and services that help students in acquiring cognitive and research skills. The objective of preparing a well-equipped graduates ready to work in both the national and the international labor markets is inevitable. In the Faculty of Physical therapy, we do have the mission to push the students to become professional physical therapists able to engage in the medical community and effectively manage patients with different diagnosis and variable consequences. We do search for a pride that would be achieved through having determined, focused and hard worker university students.

Assist. Prof. Walid Ahmed Ibrahim Abouelnaga

Current Position Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
Faculty Room Number T302

My dear students, I am pleased to welcome you and wish you all the best in your academic and work life.
Since the opening of the Faculty of Physical Therapy at Horus University in 2017, It has been striving with unlimited support from the University’s Board of Trustees to achieve its role in community service and environmental development in Damietta Governorate and many neighboring governorates.
The community service and environmental development sector at the Faculty of Physical Therapy aims to establish a strong bridge linking the scientific and academic side with the societal and environmental side in Damietta Governorate, which makes science a way of life.
Community participation is one of the important axes of the institutional capacity of the Faculty of Physical Therapy, through which it can serve the internal and external community of the college, which includes the following:

  1. Providing health and environmental awareness programs, seminars, specialized workshops and training programs for faculty members, teaching assistants, students and workers.
  2. Work to secure the work environment by providing security and safety requirements for human cadres and all infrastructure facilities in the college.
  3. Communicate with graduates to help in continuous training and provide them with job opportunities.
  4. Inviting civil society institutions to participate in the events organized by the college, field training programs for students and programs qualified for the labor market for graduates, as well as cooperation in applied research projects and workshops to solve actual health and environmental problems.

Therefore, make sure my students to participate effectively with faculty members, the teaching Assistants and workers in all activities and programs provided by the Community Service and Environmental Development sector to achieve the maximum rates of community participation to achieve what we hope for in terms of progress and prosperity.
God bless you all.

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