The system of Study in the faculty of Physical Therapy

The system of Study in the faculty of Physical Therapy

The system of study in the scientific program of bachelor degree, provided by the faculty, is managed by the following regulations of credit-hour system within the limits of one semester.

Credit- Hour System

Credit hour is an educational measuring unit that decides the value of each course compared to other courses, and it equals one-hour lecture per week in a single semester and two practical or laboratory hours per week in a single semester.

The student must finish 182 credit hours distributed on 5 levels:

The Semester

The semester’s duration is 15 weeks.

The Academic Year

It falls into two major semesters; each one is followed by a final exam and separated by mid-year vacation.

Summer Semester

In limited cases, the faculty’s council can arrange an intensified summer semester (third) that falls into 6-8 weeks including exams according to the following conditions:

This is worked according to the following conditions:

  1. The student should not exceed the maximum limit of the academic load in the two semesters.
  2. The student’s desire to re-study his/her failed courses.
  3. The student’s desire to raise his/her grades in studied courses to improve the cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
  4. If this registration permits a change in the student’s case to move to the higher level.
  5. The student’s completion of graduation requirements.

The Language of Study

English language is the language of study in the faculty of Physical Therapy. However, some courses might be studied in Arabic language in agreement with Teaching and Students’ Affairs committee and the faculty council.

Study Duration

The study duration in the faculty is 5 academic years or five levels of study distributed on 10 major semesters, besides a training practical year.

The scientific degree awarded by the College:

Upon the request of the Faculty of Physical Therapy Council, Horus University Council awards a bachelor’s degree in physical Therapy; Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BSc. PT). 

The Graduation

The requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy are:

  1. The student successfully passes the number of credit hours required for graduation, which are 210 credit hours distributed over five levels of study.   
  2. Spend a sixth year of training in the different departments of educational hospitals, institutes and health authorities under the supervision of the faculty staff and supervisors appointed by the College Council to supervise the training.
  3. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of the student should not be less than 2 as a minimum.

Training Year (Internship)

After successfully completing the fifth level, all students who have spent all the credit hours are assigned to perform a sixth year of training spread over 12 months (10compulsory months in medical specialties + two optional months) to develop the skills necessary for work in order to complete the graduation requirements.

The faculty coordinates with hospitals, institutes and health authorities to organize appointments and determine the specialties and departments in which students will be trained.

The graduation certificate is only granted to students who have completed this training year successfully.

A committee is formed to supervise the training in conjunction with the training organization.


Study Plan

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